Empowerment and confidence building with Lorna

Lorna Selig will be on the Life and Learning Stage discussing her self-defense and personal safety training classes. Safe4Life also offers empowerment and confidence building classes and programs for people of all ages, along with public, community and corporate programs. Facilitated by personal safety and self-defense professionals with ‘boots on the ground’ experiences, their programs encourage participants to step into and own their power and have them leaving with the confidence that they can protect themselves and their loved ones against a dangerous encounter or avoid in the first place.

About Lorna Selig:

Lorna is the Owner, President and a Facilitator for Safe4Life and has been for over 10 years. Her message is as powerful as the lesson, “this class and this philosophy are of ABSOLUTE importance to all people who live and function in our communities. Real life easy-to-follow skills and strategies are taught and reinforced to ensure fewer victims and more empowered citizens on our streets.”