Musical Performance presented by Jubilations Dinner Theatre

Performers from Jubilations Dinner Theatre will be LIVE on the Main Stage!

The first performance on April 22nd will highlight their production of “The Wedding Singer 1999” and their evening show experience. On Sunday April 23rd, they will be showcasing Jubilations Junior series with “Super Duper Mario Musical.”

About Jubilations Dinner Theatre:

Jubilations Dinner Theatre has been a staple of the Alberta theatre scene for over 20 years. Their talented cast takes on the best in pop culture, crafting hilarious parodies of the biggest names in movies, music, and TV for an altogether unforgettable show. Take in the excitement (and the stunning live vocals) while you enjoy a delicious multi-course dinner served by our character servers. It’s a live show, so that anything could happen. Play along, and the actors might include you in the act! Their cast never breaks character, and audiences always have a good time!

Jubilations Junior is a production written for kids and a meal designed with kids in mind! Join us for a fun-filled morning of laughter, music and food! Prices include a two-act musical comedy, and a family-friendly three-course meal.