ADELINE is a French-native singer-songwriter, topliner and musician based in Montreal, with a style described as pop with a touch of funk and soul. She seamlessly blends these, redefining the pop genre in her own way. Her peers describe her style as: pop giants Katy Perry and Ariana Grande meet the bounce of Bruno Mars, with a smooth blend of John Mayer.

Growing her network in her community within Montreal and the Canadian industry, her projects continue to garner momentum and recognition. “Like It That Way” (2022) marked a strong debut, the EP reaching over 200,000 collective streams & over 150,000 views on Youtube, thus securing a spot in the Top 40 of both MediaBase in the U.S. and ICI Musique in Quebec.

With over fifteen original tracks, live recordings, and five music videos, ADELINE is poised to release a debut album, in collaboration with internationally-renowned producers in London, Los Angeles, Paris, and Vancouver.

Moreover, her live performances are marked by excellence, meticulous attention to detail, admirable determination, and exceptional charisma, earning her recognition in various press publications. Indeed, as a “triple threat,” ADELINE skillfully combines her background in musical theatre, 15 years of classical dance training, and lineage as the daughter of two classical musicians. Merging dance, movement, storytelling, and poetically rich lyrics, she crafts a vibrant and immersive experience for her audience, ranging in intensity and ambiance.

Her authenticity shines through on social media, fostering a strong connection with her engaged community of nearly 20,000 followers. ADELINE’s natural and relatable branding sets her apart, creating a genuine and lasting impression.

As a well-versed entrepreneur, she is also a creative force with a keen business mindset. Leading creative initiatives, steering artistic direction, and managing collaborations, she approaches her projects with unparalleled professionalism.

ADELINE’s multicultural background is a unique aspect of her identity, fluently navigating French, English, and Spanish. Growing up in Japan, Singapore, France, Switzerland, Denmark, and Canada, she embraces her diverse heritage, reflected in her team of musicians from Cuba, Brazil, Guadeloupe, Haiti, and Colombia.