‘Make Space for Joy’

Effy Terry, – Professional Organizer, Productivity and ADHD Coach and certified Master Marie Kondo consultant – will be on the main Stage on Friday, November 4th at 3:45pm, Saturday November 5th at 3:00pm and Sunday November 6th at 10:30am! Come and learn how to make Space for Joy in your life and how to get things done! Effy’s talk also explores the relationship between mental health and clutter as well as helpful strategies for managing your ADHD life. You won’t want to miss this! @organize.that

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About Effy Terry

Effy Terry is a Professional Organizer and Master KonMari Consultant trained by Marie Kondo. She holds specialist designations in Chronic Disorganization, ADHD, Hoarding Behaviour & Aging. Effy is also a certified ADHD coach with a background in Psychology. She has over 30 years of experience in managing projects, both nationally and internationally. Effy has appeared on Television, Radio, Podcasts and in national magazines and print. Effy’s company Organize That is constantly striving to improve accessibility and remove barriers for clients with disabilities. They has experience working with clients with limited mobility, hearing loss, vision loss and mental health disabilities. Effy recognizes the diverse needs of the community and will always strive to provide services in such a way that are accessible for everyone.