Embracing Menopause & Midlife with Shirley Weir, Women’s Health Advocate

Shirley Weir introduces herself as a Menopause Chick. Now 56, her perimenopause journey began in her 40s. Sleep deprivation, brain fog, anxiety & depression led Shirley to her doctor’s office, the book store and “Dr. Google,” but she was left feeling confused, overwhelmed and alone. In 2012, Shirley launched MenopauseChicks.com onto the world stage to empower women to get curious about their hormone health—and with an important reminder that we all deserve to FEEL AMAZING!

With an audience of over 300K, she moderates a very active private online community regarded as the “go-to” place for reliable, evidence-based women’s midlife health information. From sleep to stress to vulva, vaginal & sexual health, Shirley’s research shows 77% of women have questions, and she has made it her personal mission to ensure 100% of women have access to quality answers.

Shirley is a three-time author, podcast host, TedX Speaker, women’s health advocate, has tweeted for Oprah and speaks regularly to media. But her proudest accomplishment is when women tell her they have finally put their own name at the TOP of the to-do list.